KINGS CRESTThe winner of, "Best in Show,"  at Vape Summit in Houston for their amazing flavor, Duchess, is here at Elevated Vaping! The e liquid line, King's Crest, will re-create everything you thought you knew in unique flavor profiles!!More than seven months ago, Manny and Drew, two vaping community experts, decided that their passion was to create hand crafted and perfected flavor profiles and King's Crest was born. Previously working for a local vape shop, the two partners banned together and created the beginning of King's Crest: Don Juan and Duchess. They were surprised by how well their flavors were recepted.After a few months of working together, they added a third partner, Ben to the mix where they continued to grow their line into the full array of six flavors. Then Vape Summit arrived, and these incredible juice makers won, "Best in Show," for their flavor, Duchess. Although Duchess won best in show, don't be fooled; each flavor stands alone from King's Crest, and each one will be your next all day vape.