Xtar - MC6C


Xtar - MC6C


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It can charge 6 batteries simultaneously. Power and charging time are optimized to improve the life of your batteries. This charger complies with RoHS, CE, FCC and CPIC standards.

This charger has many protections (against reverse polarity, short circuits, etc ...) and is designed in ABS plastic resistant to fire and high temperatures, for your safety it can not reach a temperature above 40 ° C.

The MC6C charger also offers the "0V Activation" function which will automatically detect undercharged batteries. It will therefore start charging with a minimum charging current to "reactivate" the undercharged battery in a safe manner.

The input voltage (5V / 3A) will simultaneously recharge 6 batteries at 0.5A or 3 batteries at 1A.

Prodotto: Xtar - MC6C

Produttore: XTAR